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Georgia Tech Off-Road is a student-led team founded in 1998 that participates in annual Baja SAE competitions. The team currently has 40+ undergraduate members with students majoring mostly in some form of engineering. Students on the team are provided with an opportunity to work on a large scale and time-constrained engineering project. They learn to not only design and analyze vehicle components, but also to develop communication and teamwork skills in ensuring proper integration between designs.

The North America Baja SAE competitions take place at three event locations each year and have upwards of 100 teams at each event. Student teams are tasked with designing and fabricating a high-performing single-seat off-terrain vehicle to sell to the enthusiast market. Teams compete in a set of static and dynamic events that span evaluations from vehicle designs to business models. Professionals from industry are involved with the competition and serve as judges to assess the student teams.

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If you're a GT student looking to join our team, it's a simple process! It doesn't matter what major or year you are. Just fill out this Interest Form and come during any of our shop times. We'll gladly show you around!

Shop Times

Sundays 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Thursdays 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Student Competition Center
575 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318

You can take the green route to get here - just get off at the bus yard. Since shop times go a little late, you can also take the stingerette back to campus after the green route stops running.

BAJA SAE Tennessee Tech Rankings 2022 (Out of 91 teams)

Overall 7/91
Suspension 23/91
Acceleration 28/91
Manuverability 17/91
Sled Pull 6/91
Endurance 11/91


Subsystems are smaller groupings of the team for design and building.


The drivetrain subsystem responsible for transmitting power to the wheels. This is accomplished with the standard, unmodified Briggs & Stratton 10HP engine paired with a custom gearbox and electronically controlled variable transmission.


The suspension subsystem connects the frame of the vehicle to the wheels and allows the vehicle to traverse rocks, logs, and mud-pits with ease. The vehicle has four wheel independent suspension, implementing double a-arm design in the front and a three link (trailing arm) design in the rear.


A custom tubular frame is designed and fabricated each year. The chassis subsystem works to ensure that the strength and geometry of the frame satisfies the requirements set by Baja SAE competition rules.

Driver Controls

The driver controls subsystem is responsible for the design of all driver to vehicle interfaces, including steering, braking, and throttle control. Lightweight design and ergonomic considerations allow the driver to have quick, comfortable, and effective control of the vehicle.

Data Acquisition

The data acquisition subsystem services the data gathering, and processing needs of the team to test and validate the car and its design. This subsystem is at the forefront of the team’s research and development efforts and is instrumental to the yearly improvements made to the vehicle.

Vehicle Dynamics

The vehicle dynamics subsystem develop full dynamic models and performs simulations of our vehicle in the ADAMS Car software, giving us crucial data and analysis to guide our design and to validate in our testing.


The manufacturing subsystem is chiefly responsible for the annual fabrication of our custom components (95% of the vehicle). The manufacturing subsystem implements many processes to deliver quality parts on a tight schedule, including welding, composites work, manual milling and turning, CNC milling and turning, and wire EDM.


The business subsystem manages the team’s budget and resources. In addition, the business subsystem is responsible for new member recruitment and interfaces with company sponsors/partners.

Information Technology

The IT subsystem provides assistance and technical support with various team resources, softwares, and online communication platforms, allowing for the other subsystems to focus on their work without being bogged down by technical issues.


The composites subsystem is responsible for designing, fabricating, and forming composite materials to be placed on the car for competition.







Team Leads

GTOR 2022/2023 Season Subsystem Leads

President and Team Lead

Anna Lisner

Chief Engineer

Andrew Smith

Director of Finance

Adam Rosen

Lead Chassis Engineer

Francesca Turrinelli

Lead Suspension Engineer

Ben Skowronski

Lead Driver Controls Engineer

Patrick Villarreal

Lead Drivetrain Engineer

Sonali Pradhan

Lead Manufacturing Engineer

Will Davidson

Lead Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Nicholas Revelos

Lead Data Acquisition Engineer

Vishnav Deenadayalan

Lead Electrical Systems Engineer

Param Pithadia

Lead Software and IT Engineer

Benjamin Boeckman


A big thank you to our sponsors for keeping our club running!